The Clinical Laboratory Science Program has closed

Program History

In 1925, the University of Wisconsin General Hospital established one of the earliest laboratory training programs in the nation. Medical Technology became an undergraduate major at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1936 and continued until the program's close in 2012. The curriculum maintained a basic science emphasis and included training to meet the challenges of health care into the future. Graduates are well qualified for many kinds of positions in clinical, research, and biotechnology laboratories, industry, or graduate/ professional study.

Our last graduating class was May 2012.

To verify program curriculum, contact:
Sharon Ehrmeyer, PhD, MT(ASCP)
(608) 262-0859
6173 MSC
1300 University Ave
Madison, WI 53706
The University of Wisconsin system offers a B.S. degree in Clinical Laboratory Science/Medical Technology on the following campuses: