Total NIH funding in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine amounted to $12.8M during the 2017 academic year. This represents an almost 3-fold increase since 2013 and propelled the department to rank 16th among pathology departments nationally last year. Read more...
Pathology Welcomes 6 New Residents – Arriving June 20!
Congratulations to Madhu Roy, recipient of a So67 Scholars Travel Award to attend the APC 2017 Annual Meeting in Washington DC

Third year Pathology Resident, Dr. Madhu Roy, has won a competitive travel award to attend the 50th Annual Meeting of the Association of Pathology Chairs in Washington DC.

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Eduard Matkovic Awarded 2017 Sencer Scholarship

Congratulations to Dr. Eduard Matkovic who was recently awarded a 2017 David J. Sencer Scholarship sponsored by the CDC and EIS.

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Portrait of Department Chair, Andreas Friedl
Welcome to the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.

  • Quality Distinction and Service Excellence
  • Clinical Model of Care
  • Integration and Alignment
  • Excellence in Research and Education
  • Best Work and Academic Environment
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