Foundations of Medicine 1

Pathology Section Course Objectives

  1. Apply knowledge of the molecular basis of neoplasia to describe and explain the biological behavior, morphologic appearance, classification, diagnosis, prognosis, and targeted therapy of specific neoplasms.
  2. Apply knowledge of cellular proliferation and extra-cellular matrix composition and function to describe and explain the causation, manifestation, treatment, and prevention of diseases mediated by pathologic tissue regeneration and repair.
  3. Apply knowledge of cellular responses to injury, and the underlying etiology, biochemical and molecular alterations, to develop a rational approach for assessing the potential efficacy of therapeutic interventions.
  4. Apply knowledge of the vascular and leukocyte responses of inflammation and their cellular and soluble mediators to describe the causation, resolution, prevention, and targeted therapy of tissue injury.
  5. Apply knowledge of innate immunity, adaptive immunity, humoral immunity, cell mediated immunity, tolerance and immune surveillance to explain their roles in the maintenance of health and autoimmunity.

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