Pathology/PBS 210: HIV: Sex, Society and Science


The past, present and future of HIV are discussed in this course. The material focuses on the origin of HIV, it's modes of transmission, different areas of HIV research and the impact HIV has, and will continue to have, on societies around the globe.

Course Content

Lectures are held twice weekly with an additional day for discussion. Content is divided into three units: 1) HIV Past: Origins, transmission and first attempts at control; 2) HIV Present: What tools are available to stop HIV now?; and 3) Interventions to stop HIV. There will be at least one assigned reading each week. The majority of assigned reading material is available on Learn@UW. There is one major textbook reference: Dow, Unity and Essex, Max. Saturday is for Funerals. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press, 2010.

Course Directors:
Thomas Friederich, PhD