Pathology 404: Pathophysiologic Principles of Human Disease


Pathology 404 is a three-credit undergraduate upper level course taken mostly by students in Nursing, Pharmacy, Toxicology or any other undergraduate program. Between three to four hundred students take this course in the spring of each year.

Course Prerequisites and Contents

Although only three credits, this is an upper level course, requiring a basic understanding of anatomy, physiology and related medical terms as well as academic maturity. Physiology 335 or its equivalent is a prerequisite. Students who do not have this background often find the course too difficult, requiring extra work. You are strongly recommended to insure you have the needed background. Copies of Physiology 335 lecture notes and course textbook (Human Physiology: The Mechanisms of Body Function by Widmaier, Raff and Strang) are on reserve at Ebling Library (in the HSLC) during the spring semester for students who wish to refresh their memory.

During this course and starting on the first day, many new medical terms will be introduced and students need to keep up with these since different lecturers progressively build upon the terminology. Since University of Wisconsin Medical School faculty members who are experts in their fields teach the course, there will be a diversity of teaching styles and approaches. It is imperative that lecture materials are reviewed before each lecture.

Course Pack

The primary written resource is a course pack organized by lectures in the course. The course pack is available at StudentPrint a few weeks before the beginning of the course. Please bring the course pack with you to the first lecture. Additional texts are not required and the majority of students find the combination of the course pack and material on Learn@UW more than sufficient for learning. Infrequently, a lecturer may request readings outside the course pack

Lecture Hall

Lectures are held in the Health Sciences Learning Center from 12:05pm to 12:55pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. When scheduling classes, please allow for enough travel time before and after this lecture.

Course Directors: