Pathology 750: Cellular and Molecular Biology/Pathology


Pathology 750 is a graduate-level course that covers general topics in cellular and molecular biology, ranging from nuclear targeting and cellular signaling mechanisms, to angiogenesis and cell invasion. Disease mechanisms are emphasized when possible. The course is usually oversubscribed by graduate students, and is thus not open to undergraduates.

The lectures will be at an advanced level with an emphasis on experimental approaches. Students with weaknesses in these topics should re-acquaint themselves with the topic by consulting a cell biology text or recent review.

Course discussions

Discussion will focus on an assigned scientific paper that best illustrates recent work in the weekly topic. Students can access the assigned paper and assigned questions on the course website. The main purpose for the assigned questions is to help the students read the paper and come to the discussion prepared to discuss these questions and other issues that may come up. Students will be expected to attend discussion and hand in answers to the assigned questions as part of their grade.

Experimental Problems

Students will complete three experimental problems during the semester, each covering a third of the course. In this exercise, the students will select one problem from a set of four, will formulate an hypothesis in response to the question posed, propose one or a related set of experiments to test their hypothesis, describe potential outcomes of their experiments, and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their proposed approach.

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