Pathology 901 Student Seminar Series


The student seminar series was started to give students experience in public speaking, preparing scientific presentations and to help unify students within the program. It is intended to encourage a peer-based environment for presenting research and asking questions of each other. The course is organized by students currently enrolled in the Cellular and Molecular Pathology program.

Course Organization

Seminars will be held every other week.

Each week two students will share the hour, with presentations lasting approximately 20 minutes with 5 minutes for questions. The most senior students will give presentations on their research during the fall semester. First year students will present later in the spring, with the option of presenting a journal article or a brief overview of their chosen area of study.

Each student will also prepare a short abstract outlining their research for distribution before the seminar.

Although these seminars are student-focused, we are asking that each individual’s PI also attend.

At the end of each class period, you will have the opportunity to evaluate your classmate’s presentation. This allows for immediate feedback and comments to help each of us learn how to better prepare effective presentations for our peers. Evaluations will be filled out anonymously and provided to each speaker immediately after class.