Transfusion Medicine Rotation

(1 Week)

Transfusion medicine concerns the utilization of blood and blood products. This is an integral part of hospital based medical and surgical services. The blood bank collects, processes, stores and distributes such products. Activities in this lab include cross-matching patients with donors in addition to investigating adverse patient reactions to infused products. Students will also gain insight into the principles and practice of screening blood products for infectious agents. This rotation will provide useful experience for students considering careers in pathology, surgery, anesthesia, or hospital based pediatrics or medicine.

Packed Red Blood Cells
Packed Red Blood Cells

Students, with sufficient training and prudent supervision, will act as a resident and have the following responsibilities as experiential learning opportunities: write reports (write transfusion reaction reports, write antibody reports, and meet with attending at sign-out sessions), see patients (evaluate requests for therapeutic apheresis, write apheresis orders, see such patients for consent and during the procedure, and write procedure notes), review blood product utilization by clinicians for soundness, and field calls as a consultant to the blood bank, apheresis nurses, and clinicians who require assistance.