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Donald Wiebe, PhD

  • Associate Professor
Director of Toxicology

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

1978 -
Postgraduate training, University of Iowa
PhD, University of Iowa

Research Interests

Chemistry; oncology; tranfusion practice issues


My research interest focuses primarily on lipid and lipoproteins issues related to clinical laboratory analyses -- such as developing serum-based reference materials that are suitable to transfer accuracy among enzymic assays sensitive to matrix effects. Lipoproteins by their nature are sensitive to alteration and such changes may result in a matrix problem for newer laboratory techniques. Investigating the suitability of nonionic contrast media as density material for ultracentrifugation to isolation lipoproteins and avoid denatured or altered lipoproteins from high-salt-solutions is part of my major focus, as is. In addition, collaborating with various investigators that use agents that alter lipid and lipoprotein concentrations during the course of therapy, especially drugs not intended for lipid-lowering outcomes. Finally, I utilize various chromatographic techniques to develop assays for therapeutic drug monitoring purposes. Toxicology studies include evaluation of newer techniques to isolate drugs and improve the analytical process. Current work focuses on development of an computerized process that will automate the design of statistical QC procedures on the basis of the analytical clinical or biological quality requirements for a laboratory test, the imprecision and inaccuracy observed for a measurement procedure, and the rejection characteristics expected for different QC decision criteria and strategies. Applications of this process are also investigated to develop improved QC strategies for the more complicated quantitative analyses in clinical laboratories.