Services Offered by the TRIP Lab

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Pathology faculty and residents interested in collaborating on TRIP projects:

Pathology Residents

  • Kaitlin Sundling (PGY-4)
  • James Bauer (PGY-4)
  • Sanjay Patel (PGY-4)
  • Dan Matson (PGY-2)
  • Madhu Roy (PGY-3)
  • Richard Yang (PGY-3)
  • Ranran Zhang (PGY-3)
  • Ying-Hsia Chu (PGY-2)
  • Ryan Bemke (PGY-1)
  • Alain Cagaanan (PGY-1)
  • (Sandor) Krisztian Kovacs (PGY-1)
  • Viharkumar Patel (PGY-1)

Pathology Faculty

  • Rashmi Agni – gastrointestinal pathology, liver pathology
  • Agnes Loeffler – gastrointestinal pathology, renal, pancreas
  • Christopher Flynn – breast/GYN pathology
  • Aparna Mahajan – breast/GYN, cytopathology
  • Stephanie McGregor – breast/GYN pathology
  • Paul Weisman – breast/GYN pathology
  • Shelly Cook – gastrointestinal pathology, pediatric pathology
  • Darya Buehler - pulmonary pathology, soft tissue pathology, cytopathology, ENT/endocrine pathology, general cancer biology projects and animal models
  • Scott Aesif – pulmonary
  • Ricardo Lloyd – endocrine pathology
  • Wei Huang – genitourinary pathology
  • Rong Hu - genitourinary pathology, head/neck pathology
  • Kristina Matkowskyj – gastrointestinal pathology
  • Bill Rehrauer – molecular diagnostics
  • Tom Warner – general pathology

Molecular Diagnostics - L2/2062

  • DNA and RNA isolation from fresh, frozen tissue, formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue, and from microdissected tissue specimens
  • Quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis of mRNA targets or DNA targets
  • Cell Line Authentication Services (Short Tandem Repeat Analysis)
  • New and customized assay development in conjunction with principal investigators

Histology, Immunohistochemistry/In situ Hybridization - L02/2214

  • Routine histology services ranging from specimen processing & embedding to special stains. Most routine histology services can be completed with 10 working days.
  • Immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization for new and established antigens, with extensive experience in multiplexed staining protocols
  • Normal and benign formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded control tissues

Imaging - L2/2214

  • Nuance™ - Multispectral imaging system available to trained individuals on a reservation basis. Nuance software analysis can be augmented by the more sophisticated inForm software
  • Vectra™ - Automated, multispectral imaging system capable of processing up to 200 slides per run. Subsequent data analysis via inForm software can be self-service or by arrangement with a software-trained pathologist
  • AQUA - Automated single slide capacity, fluorescence-based imaging system. Self-service is not available for the AQUA system due to vendor restrictions
  • Aperio - Whole slide bright field imaging system capable of scanning at 20x or 40x. Self-service is not available for the Aperio system.

Tissue Microarray (TMA) Construction - L2/2214

  • TMAs from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissue blocks constructed to research needs. Requests for TMA construction require consultation with TRIP and may involve TSB-BioBank if tissue acquisition is needed and an appropriate IRB is not in place